University of Brighton Tier 4

University of Brighton Tier 4

University of Brighton Tier 4, If you have accepted an unconditional offer to study a course at the university, or you have already started a course and need to apply for a Tier 4 student visa from outside of the UK, please read the step-by-step guidance below.

If you are already in the UK and you are permitted to apply to extend your current visa from within the UK please see our guidance on making a Tier 4 student visa application in the UK.

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Guidance notes

  1. Obtain or request your confirmation of acceptance of studies (CAS)
  2. Obtain an academic technology approval scheme (ATAS) certificate if you need one
  3. Obtain a tuberculosis (TB) clearance certificate if you need one
  4. Make your Tier 4 student visa application in plenty of time
  5. Calculate how much money you will need to have in order to obtain the visa. Known as ‘the maintenance requirement’
  6. Keep the money for the required length of time and in the correct format
  7. Collect the required documents and make sure they are in the correct format
  8. Complete the visa application form
  9. Pay the visa application fee and the immigration health surcharge (IHS)
  10. Submit your application
  11. UKVI’s decision on your application
  12. If your dependants are applying to come to the UK with you
  13. Further information and advice


If you’re an applicant and have accepted an unconditional offer to start a course

If you are an applicant coming to study a new course at the university, we are unable to issue you with a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS), which you need to make the visa application, until you have paid the tuition fee deposit, or provided evidence of official financial sponsorship, and returned a fully completed Visa Questionnaire form.

1. If you or your parents are paying for your studies i.e. you are self-funding, you will need to pay the £2,500 tuition fee deposit. You can pay your tuition fee deposit here. If your government or international sponsorship agency is paying for your studies i.e. you are in receipt of official financial sponsorship, you will need to provide written evidence to the university that your government, or international agency will pay for your tuition fees.

2. Our Admissions Team will send you an online Visa Questionnaire form (VQF)   using your Studentcentral account, which you need to fully complete and return. Provided that you have fully completed the VQF, provided the required documents and paid the tuition fee deposit or evidence of official sponsorship, the university will issue you with a CAS number as long as you meet the immigration rules relating to ‘academic progression’ and ‘time limits on study in the UK’. Your CAS Statement which includes the CAS number will be sent to you by email.

You can find out more about how the university sponsors its students under the Tier 4 Student immigration system and the academic progression and time limits on study rules.

If you’re already a student and need to complete the course you have already started

If you are a current student and you need to make a Tier 4 Student application to complete your course, you will need to request a CAS from the university. In order to do this you must fully complete the Student Immigration Tier 4 Sponsorship form (Word doc).

When you have completed the form you must take it along with your passport to one of the Academic Services offices or the Visa Compliance Team in WATTS House.Once the Student Visa Compliance team receives your fully completed form it will aim to make a decision on your request for a CAS within approximately ten working days.

If your request is successful, i.e. as long as you meet the immigration rules relating to ‘academic progression’ and ‘time limits on study in the UK’, and you are not in debt to the university, it will send your CAS Statement including the CAS number to you by email.