University of Brighton Tier 2 Ethics

University of Brighton Tier 2 Ethics

Ethics and responsibilities

University of Brighton Tier 2 Ethics, For the majority of postgraduate research (apart from purely book-based work) some sort of formal ethical approval is required. This is to ensure that your research does not infringe on human rights, cause any kind of harm, or reveal the confidential nature of the individual participant’s involvement. In the application for ethical approval you will be asked to describe what your research aims to do and detail the research processes you will employ. You will also need to include copies of materials you will use such as the consent form and the participant information sheet.

One of the side effects of filling out the ethics application is that you are forced to scrutinise the way in which your chosen methodology and methods can help ask your question. For example, if you are doing interviews, your application needs to include a sample of your interview questions which forces you to think about what you will actually ask and whether the questions are suitable in terms of the responses you hope to get.

The specific requirements for the ethical application will depend on the nature of your subject and the research you intend to do. Most academic subjects have their own ethical guidelines which you need to study and adhere to when making your application to the university research ethics committee. Your supervisor should be the first person to ask when thinking about applying for ethical approval and they can support you through the process.

To get started, look at the following list of typical questions and attempt to answer them. Your answers to these questions could form part of the initial discussion about ethics with your supervisor.