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By | 2nd May 2017

University of Brighton Societies

University of Brighton Societies, Brighton Students’ Union is dedicated to ensuring your time at University is the amazing, life-changing experience it should be. We are led by a team of student officers and work solely for our student members, so you can guarantee that we are on your side!

University of Brighton Societies, We support students by providing countless opportunities for students to meet people and make friends, find new hobbies, make changes, develop skills, receive academic advice and support from Union Support, gain staff support for activities and experiences, and even just offer a place for you to sit down with a coffee and chill.

As a Union we are committed to helping students get the very best from their time at University. This means focussing our energy on the things that matter most so all students are supported to achieve the highest levels of personal academic success.

Informed by feedback from the National Student Survey (NSS) and Brighton Student Survey (BSS) as well as what students tell us, we have identified 10 areas that must be addressed as a priority if we are going to truly make a difference to the quality of the educational experience of our members.

We would love to know how these issues affect you. After reading through our academic priorities, fill in our form below and let us know how they affect you.

Academic priorities


Why is this important?
We have the best chance of doing our best work when we know how well we are doing and what we must do to improve. Quality feedback that gives good guidance, received at a time when we can apply the learning before being assessed again help us do this.
Why do we believe this?

In the National Students’ Survey Brighton currently sits 3 percent behind the sector on the question “Feedback on my work has been prompt”.

The University should begin monitoring the implementation of the 20 working day feedback policy immediately and inform students of this.

This recommendation is an example of the importance of measuring the implementation and success of policies. Central committees of the University can hold no confidence that the 20 working day feedback policy is being enacted. This is less risky example but the future quality assurance changes will mean that University Boards of Governors will want to be satisfied that whilst responsibility for implementing policy may be devolved from committees and left with individuals/departments, responsibility for measuring the impact of a policy must sit within an institutional committee (preferably the same one that created/sponsored the original policy).

For the NSS question “Feedback on my work has helped me clarify things I did not understand” Brighton currently sits 3 percent behind the sector.

The Students’ Union makes the recommendation that a system should be introduced across the university where students can request that particular areas of their assessment are considered for specific feedback. This is an opportunity for the University to implement practice that helps students identify for themselves the type of feedback they need in order to help them clarify things they do not understand. The implementation of this should be uniform and monitored.

The new NSS question is “I have received helpful comments on my work” and the University should work hard to allow students to identify the kind of feedback that they would find helpful in advance.

What are we asking?

So we’re asking the University to make sure feedback is returned within 20 working days. Each school will monitor and report how they meet the 20 working day policy to Academic Board twice per academic year. A system should be introduced across the university where students can request that particular areas of their assessment are considered for specific feedback.


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