University of Brighton Printing

University of Brighton Printing

Network printing for students

University of Brighton Printing, How to print from university computers

Send file to printer
  • open the File menu
  • select Print and the Print dialog box will appear
  • select the printer you want to use from the Name box and
  • select page range, then click OK.
  • Your print jobs will be sent to a Printer Release Station. These look like a standard PC and are next to the printers.
  • Your document stays in the printer queue for up to 48 hours before it’s deleted.
  • You can release your print jobs at any Print Release Station on any campus. This is called ‘Follow Me’ printing. You could send print jobs to a printer queue at Eastbourne campus, visit Falmer campus and release your print jobs.
  • You have to log on with your university username and password to the printer release station before your print jobs are released.

Start Print from Print Release Station

To start printing:

  • Log in with your university username and password
  • Select the print jobs you wish to print.
  • You’ll see details of number of pages and how much it will cost.
  • Check your credit balance and top up if necessary
  • click Print or, if you’ve changed your mind, click Delete.
  • Log Off before leaving the print release station.

Your document will be printed on the first available printer. If you print more than one document at a time, they may be sent to different printers.

Getting help or support

Please contact:

Try to report the problem within 24 hours of it occurring and provide the following details:
  • your Name
  • university username (gd11)
  • Student No 12345678
  • UniCard No (12345678-01)
  • your email address.
  • details of the issue experienced
  • date and time issue occurred
  • computer poolroom location
  • if you were charged and how much?