University of Brighton Jobs in East Sussex

By | 28th April 2017

University of Brighton Jobs in East Sussex

TitleReferenceSalary (from)Closing Date
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Community HealthHC3131-17-137£33,94321/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Public Health 0.5FTEHC3124-17-138£33,94321/05/2017
Senior Lecturer in Medicine and Frailty/Honorary Consultant Geriatrician1725£76,00115/05/2017
Senior Lecturer in Auditing and Financial Accounting (full time)BB3053-17-119£41,70908/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in English Company Law (full-time)BB3167-17-120£33,94307/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Education (Early Years)EE3236-17-132£33,94302/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Education (Primary Science)EE3023-17-135£33,94302/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Education (Primary) – 2 postsEE3238-17-133£33,94302/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Education (Secondary Mathematics)EE3048-17-134£33,94302/05/2017
Research Fellow in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Internal onlyBB4034-17-140£33,94301/05/2017
Lecturer in Psychology (Forensic)HA3142-17-112£33,94330/04/2017
Lecturer in Psychology – 2 postsHA3144-17-113£33,94330/04/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Child Field Nursing 0.6FTEHC3079-16-363-R£33,57430/04/2017
Unit Administrator1895£17,89826/05/2017
Development/Formulation Chemist (KTP Associate)EG4033-17-143£26,00016/05/2017
Digital Innovation Strategy Lead (KTP Associate)EG4032-17-126£28,00014/05/2017
Programme/Administrative Assistant – Internal OnlyEE5011-17-149£21,84310/05/2017
Prosector in AnatomyBSMS1659£28,45210/05/2017
School and College Outreach OfficerAS5049-17-148£29,30110/05/2017
Senior Records Officer – Internal OnlyEE5039-17-151£25,29810/05/2017
Associate Pro Vice Chancellor Research & Enterprise – Internal onlyVC5019-17-14408/05/2017
Director of PeopleRB-DOP05/05/2017
Senior Resource AssistantIS5175-17-124£21,84302/05/2017
Service Desk Coordinator – Internal OnlyIS5347-17-125£21,84302/05/2017
Enterprise Partnership Manager (Local Growth)EG5145-17-100£41,70930/04/2017


Guidance for applicants

Thank you for your interest in working for the University of Brighton.

These guidance notes have been developed to help you create a good application, as well as to provide practical information about completing the online application form itself.

So please do take time to read them through before completing your application.

Search for a vacancy

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Once you have found a vacancy you are interested in, click the title and download the job description and person specification.

Application process

To apply for a position with us, click the ‘Apply online’ button to start your application. You’ll be asked to register and set up an account or log into the account you’ve already created. Be sure to provide an email address you use regularly, because that’s how we’ll keep in touch with you about your application.

The university expects all applicants to apply online where possible. However, if you do not have access to the internet, please see below for how to request an alternative.

The online application process helps to ensure that all applicants provide information in the same format, enabling the selection panel to easily and consistently compare the applications that they receive.

You should note that you can only apply for one job at a time. You will need to complete and submit any partially completed application before starting an application for another role.

Online application

The following advice may help you complete your application successfully:

  • Ensure you read the relevant job description and person specification before completing your application online.
  • Have your own information to hand (e.g. employment history, qualifications and dates). This also applies to internal candidates.
  • For academic roles, a CV and other additional documents may be submitted; we do not accept CVs for professional support roles unless specified in the advert.
  • Applicants are shortlisted on the extent to which they meet the selection criteria on the job description and person specification. Therefore, do note that the most important section of your application is the section entitled ‘Supporting Statements’ where you need to demonstrate how your qualifications, experience and training meet the criteria of the post for which you are applying. Remember to include evidence and examples and you may also include voluntary work, if applicable.
  • Do note that the system makes your application anonymous so that the panel members cannot see any of your personal details such as your name or address, and any equalities data such as your gender. This is to ensure that shortlisting is as fair as possible. However if you upload a CV or publications list which includes any of these details then they will be visible to the panel. If you wish your application to be fully anonymous then please remove details such as your title, name and address from your uploaded documents.
  • The application process can be completed in stages and you can login/logout at any time. The screens automatically save as you enter your information and it is simple to move backwards and forwards within the online process at any time prior to submission. Help is available at each stage to guide you through the process.
  • Before final submission, you can preview your application and can choose to refine or submit the final application. Once submitted you will not be able to amend your application so please ensure you have checked it carefully before you submit it.