University of Brighton Jobs in East Sussex

University of Brighton Jobs in East Sussex

TitleReferenceSalary (from)Closing Date
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Community HealthHC3131-17-137£33,94321/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Public Health 0.5FTEHC3124-17-138£33,94321/05/2017
Senior Lecturer in Medicine and Frailty/Honorary Consultant Geriatrician1725£76,00115/05/2017
Senior Lecturer in Auditing and Financial Accounting (full time)BB3053-17-119£41,70908/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in English Company Law (full-time)BB3167-17-120£33,94307/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Education (Early Years)EE3236-17-132£33,94302/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Education (Primary Science)EE3023-17-135£33,94302/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Education (Primary) – 2 postsEE3238-17-133£33,94302/05/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Education (Secondary Mathematics)EE3048-17-134£33,94302/05/2017
Research Fellow in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Internal onlyBB4034-17-140£33,94301/05/2017
Lecturer in Psychology (Forensic)HA3142-17-112£33,94330/04/2017
Lecturer in Psychology – 2 postsHA3144-17-113£33,94330/04/2017
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Child Field Nursing 0.6FTEHC3079-16-363-R£33,57430/04/2017
Unit Administrator1895£17,89826/05/2017
Development/Formulation Chemist (KTP Associate)EG4033-17-143£26,00016/05/2017
Digital Innovation Strategy Lead (KTP Associate)EG4032-17-126£28,00014/05/2017
Programme/Administrative Assistant – Internal OnlyEE5011-17-149£21,84310/05/2017
Prosector in AnatomyBSMS1659£28,45210/05/2017
School and College Outreach OfficerAS5049-17-148£29,30110/05/2017
Senior Records Officer – Internal OnlyEE5039-17-151£25,29810/05/2017
Associate Pro Vice Chancellor Research & Enterprise – Internal onlyVC5019-17-14408/05/2017
Director of PeopleRB-DOP05/05/2017
Senior Resource AssistantIS5175-17-124£21,84302/05/2017
Service Desk Coordinator – Internal OnlyIS5347-17-125£21,84302/05/2017
Enterprise Partnership Manager (Local Growth)EG5145-17-100£41,70930/04/2017


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