University of Brighton Housing

University of Brighton Housing

Our accommodation team is here to help you find the right place to live, before you arrive and throughout your time here.

We offer a range of university accommodation: halls of residence, reserved rooms, unihomes and homestay. We’re continuously investing in providing more university housing for our students. In 2016 100% of eligible students who applied were offered one of our university accommodation options.

Our accommodation team can also help you find a home in the private sector in your first year and throughout your time here. We can put you in touch with other students looking for private accommodation and you can use our online database to search for a home.



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Applying for university accommodation

Applications for halls of residence and Unihomes open in April. The application deadline for UK, EU students and international students is 15 July 2017.

If you are eligible, we will send you an email inviting you to apply online once you have firmly accepted your academic offer.

Sometimes our invitation emails do not arrive or are captured by spam filters; please contact us before the deadline if you have not received the invitation or have any questions.

A step-by-step guide to applying for halls or Unihomes

Stage 1

Check our accommodation allocation policy for any issues that might affect you and your accommodation options.

Stage 2

Consider all of the halls of residence and other accommodation options available to you using our website.

Once you have been offered a place on a course, we will send you an offer pack with further information.

Stage 3

If you are eligible for halls of residence, you will be sent an email inviting you to apply when you have firmly accepted your academic offer. You can then log on to and follow the instructions for how to apply.

What’s included in my rent?

Your rent includes:

  • electricity, heating and water
  • an internet connection
  • the cleaning of communal areas
  • contents insurance.

If you choose a catered hall, the rent also includes breakfast and an evening meal, served Monday to Friday during term time.

Online application process

1. Log in to using your University of Brighton username and password.

2. Create your application to apply for halls or Unihomes.

3. Receive your application acknowledgement email confirming you have applied successfully and summarising your choices.

4. We will let you know if you have a place in halls during August, once your place on your course has been confirmed. You must accept your accommodation offer place within seven days.

5. To accept the place in halls, you need to sign or accept the accommodation contract online and pay your first instalment of rent within seven days of receiving the offer. If you can’t do this, please let us know or we may allocate your room to another student. You do not need to pay a deposit – your first instalment will be the equivalent of 28 days of rent (not applicable for care leavers).

6. Receive confirmation of acceptance.

7. Complete your online induction for your new home.

Grand Parade

Your accommodation contract

When you accept your place in halls, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of residence. Your accommodation contract or tenancy agreement is a legal contract between you and the university. If you are in breach of the agreement you will be subject to the university’s disciplinary procedures and, in the case of a serious breach, you could be asked to leave halls. You should keep a copy of your accommodation contract for the time you live in halls.

When does the contract become binding?

If you apply online, the agreement between you and the university becomes binding when you have:

  • Ticked the box on the university’s accommodation application website confirming that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Clicked the Accept button on the accommodation application website confirming that you accept the university’s offer of accommodation
  • Paid the first instalment of rent as stated in the offer

If you have signed a paper contract, the agreement between you and the university becomes binding it has been counter-signed and dated by the university.


Right to cancel

If you change your mind, you have the right to cancel the contract by notifying the university in writing within seven working days of the contract becoming binding.

Terminating your contract

The accommodation contract for halls of residence commits you to staying in halls for the duration of the contract: 50 or 39 weeks at Great Wilkins (Falmer) and The Hub (Varley Park), 40 weeks at Welkin Halls (Eastbourne), and 39 weeks for all other halls.

The agreement expires on the stated end date. You do not need to give separate notice, and you have no right to remain in the room after that date.

It may be possible to break this agreement in certain circumstances, provided this has been agreed with the university and subject to conditions set out in your accommodation contract.

If you decide to leave halls, you will still be liable for rent until another student takes up your room. If you do leave halls you will be charged a £50 cancellation fee.


Making payments


You must pay your first instalment of rent before you move into your accommodation and within seven days of receiving an offer of a room. The remainder of the rent is paid in three equal instalments in October, January and April for 39-week contracts. For 50-week contracts there are four instalments, with the additional instalment due in July.

Details of how to pay will be sent to you with your offer of a room.

Example of rent payments

If your rent for university accommodation is £5,265, for example, the full tenancy period would be payable in the following instalments:

  • £540 within seven days of accommodation offer being made
  • £1,581.43 on or before 15 October
  • £1,581.43 on or before 15 January
  • £1,562.14 on or before 15 April
  • Additional payment on or before 15 July for 48 and 50–week contracts


You qualify for a 2% rent reduction if you choose to pay the full annual amount when you accept your offer of accommodation.

Damage deposit

You do not need to pay a damage deposit when you move into halls of residence.

If your accommodation has to be repaired, cleaned or decorated before it can be let again, we will charge you for this. You will not be charged for reasonable wear and tear to your room or furniture.