University of Brighton Dorset Place

University of Brighton Dorset Place

Edward Street and Dorset Place

The University of Brighton is developing a building on Edward Street (a former American Express office), close to its city centre Grand Parade campus, to become a base for its photography and film courses.

The Edward Street development is adjacent to the University of Brighton’s Dorset Place building, which was completed in September 2013 and is home to the University of Brighton’s international students (UBIC).

It is the arts and humanities that give us our cultural wealth, and those who study them learn to look at things differently. At the University of Brighton’s College of Arts and Humanities we strive to look beyond what a human being is, to what a human being has the potential to be.

Brighton is inherently a city for the arts. In the nineteenth century, Henry Cole said the city’s ‘industries’ were ‘health, recreation, education and pleasure’, and since then it has inspired the likes of Graham Greene (Brighton Rock, 1938), Franc Roddam (Quadrophenia, 1979), Fat Boy Slim and Nick Cave.

Our college is a platform for education, research and community engagement that extends into and beyond the city, developing opportunities with and for the highest levels of practice. Read more about our ethos and objectives as scholarly practitioners in the arts and humanities.