University of Brighton Degree Certificate

University of Brighton Degree Certificate

Our degree certificate frame kit for University of Brighton graduates comes with:

  • Your choice of frame styles: Choose from modern or traditional.
  • Your choice of 12 matte colours: Choose from navy, maroon, black, cream, green, earth, purple, pink, light blue, charcoal, silver or gold.
  • Custom-cut mat: The mat is made specifically to fit testamurs from Brighton.
  • Glass front: Some framing companies use cheaper perspex, but we ship with 100% glass.
  • Safe packaging: To prevent any breakages in the post, your frame comes exceptionally well packaged.
  • Mounting strips: Once you receive your frame, the only thing left to do is insert your University of Brighton degree certificate – and we’ve even included the necessary document mounting strips to fix it in position.
  • Reputable brand: We only use GownTown brand frame products. GownTown is an international graduation products brand known for its high quality.

Note that testamur is not included, and is shown only for illustrative purposes. The frame is sized to fit the current version of the University of Brighton testamur. is the an indepedent UK testamur frame provider and is not affiliated with any university.

A duplicate version of the original qualification certificate you were issued upon the successful completion of your course of study.
Please ensure you have read the procedures and completed the relevant paperwork, in relation to ordering a duplicate certificate, before making a payment:
A confirmed payment alone does not constitute a successful application and your request will not be processed without the completed original application form (scanned copies are not accepted). It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive the original application form as we are unable to follow up on incomplete applications.

NOTE: Replacement certificates are usually issued within 28 working days of receipt of request. However, during the weeks running up to the University’s award ceremonies we regret that we cannot fulfil requests for replacement certificates. Requests received during these periods will be fulfilled as soon as possible after the ceremonies.\