University of Brighton Blackboard

University of Brighton Blackboard

Blackboard Mobile Learn provides a convenient way for students to access course and module areas on studentcentral at the University of Brighton. This can include announcements and learning material and allows them to engage in online activities in blogs, discussion boards, and journals.
The mobile app is designed to extend access to students’ learning and complement their use of studentcentral on a desktop computer or laptop.

How does it work?BBML-and-sc.jpg

Blackboard Mobile Learn is a free mobile app that can be downloaded to a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and allows access to certain features of studentcentral.
The latest Blackboard mobile app is available for:
  • Apple iOS® iPhone®, iPod Touch®, and iPad™
  • Android™ devices

Note: an app for BlackBerry®, and webOS® smartphones is available but looks and operates differently.

There is a help guide on downloading and using the app (pdf).
Academics can also use the app to access their course and module areas on studentcentral but, unlike students, have the ability to post announcements and add items with attached files from their mobile device. While the app provides easy access to course and module areas there are some aspects of studentcentral you’ll still need to access from your desktop computer or laptop for example, the Grade Centre as this feature is not available in the app.


There are some key advantages to encouraging students to use the mobile app. Students can set up push notifications that will let them know when you have added content, posted an announcement or released a test on studentcentral. The blog, journal tool, and discussion board can be used more easily to interact with with you online both in the classroom and beyond.
To see a full list of features supported in Blackboard mobile learn, read the latest Feature Guide for ML 4.0


It is recommended that you follow these guidelines for best practice if you intend to make your study area fully mobile friendly General Best Practice for constructing a Blackboard Mobile course

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For more information and full details of how to use the service, please contact your Learning Technology Adviser