University of Brighton 2017 Graduation Dates

University of Brighton 2017 Graduation Dates

The summer award ceremonies will take place 25–28 July 2017.

Invitations are sent out to all eligible students whose exam board meets on or before 4 July 2017. Once you have received your invitation you will be able to:

  • confirm your name and address
  • confirm or decline your attendance
  • purchase tickets
  • pre-book a hat, gown and hood.

Anyone not attending can watch the ceremonies via our livestream online.

Award ceremonies take place at the Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton.

Ceremonies 2017


Tuesday 25

Morning ceremony starts 10am (please arrive by 9.15)
School of Architecture and Design
School of Humanities

Afternoon ceremony starts 3.15pm (please arrive by 2.30)
Hastings campus
School of Art
School of Media

Wednesday 26

Morning ceremony starts 10am (please arrive by 9.15)
School of Applied Social Science
School of Environment and Technology

Afternoon ceremony starts 3.15pm (please arrive by 2.30)
School of Health Sciences
School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences
Division of Medical Education, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Thursday 27

Morning ceremony starts 10am (please arrive by 9.15)
School of Education

Afternoon ceremony starts 3.15pm (please arrive by 2.30)
Partner Colleges
School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics

Friday 28

Morning ceremony starts 10am (please arrive by 9.15)
Brighton Business School

Afternoon ceremony starts 3.15pm (please arrive by 2.30)
School of Sport and Service Management

Future ceremonies

Winter 2018 ceremonies will be held between 14–16 February 2018. Summer ceremonies are typically held during the last two weeks of July. Definitive dates appear here close to the relevant events.

New venue

Award ceremonies take place at the Brighton Centre on King’s Road as Brighton Dome is currently being renovated.

Frequently asked questions

Confirming your details

When will I receive my ceremony invitation?
Invitations for the summer ceremonies will be sent during the spring term. If you have not received your invitation by 30 April please contact Ceremony Administration.

When do I need to reply by?
Please respond to the invitation stating whether you are attending and purchase your guest tickets by 26 May 2017 for the summer award ceremonies. If you respond by this date you will be guaranteed to be able to purchase your four guest tickets, any responses after this date cannot be guaranteed any ticket purchases. If you receive a late invitation please complete your response as soon as possible.

Why do I need confirmation of my name?
It is important that your full name is shown when you reply to your invitation online exactly as you wish it to appear on your certificate (initials and shortened forms of names cannot appear on the certificate and accents cannot be guaranteed). If you fail to notify Academic Services of your correct name, you will be charged for a replacement certificate. If you have changed your name, you will be asked to supply a copy of official documentation confirming this.

Which address should I give?
You must include a forwarding address and telephone number. It is particularly important to complete this section if you are unable to attend the ceremony so that your certificate may be sent to you by recorded delivery. Certificates are not sent to those who have not confirmed their addresses.

What is my calling name?
This is a name that will be called as you accept your award at the ceremony. We will only call your first name and surname, so please check this is correct. Please do not confuse this with your full formal name which must appear on your certificate.

What if I can’t attend my ceremony?
If you decide not to attend and wish your certificate to be forwarded, please ensure that the forwarding address is completed online. Please note that if you do not supply your forwarding address, your certificate will not be despatched. Certificates that are not collected at the ceremony will be sent out as soon as possible afterwards. Copies of the programme will be available to those who do not attend after the ceremony at a cost of £2 to cover postage and packing. If you decide not to attend you will not be invited to a future ceremony.


How many tickets can I order?
When you respond to the invitation you will be able to order a maximum of four guest tickets. A guarantee of four guest tickets will only apply to purchases made prior to 26 May 2017. You will have to pay for them at the same time, as guest tickets cannot be reserved without payment. There is no free allocation of tickets and all guest tickets must be paid for in advance.

How much do the tickets cost?
Tickets for this ceremony cost £20. All guests require tickets and there are no concessions available.

Do children need a separate guest ticket?
Children need to have a guest ticket. The ceremony can be relatively long and not suitable for young children.

When can I order additional guest tickets?
Any unsold tickets will be made available online from 15 June 2017; if you return to the ceremony website ( and sign in as before, you may be able to purchase extra tickets after this date. Please do not wait until this date to make your first ticket purchase. Tickets will be removed from sale from 5pm on 13 July 2017, and in some instances earlier. In the event that the ceremony sells out, it is unlikely that there will be tickets available on the day.

Are tickets refundable?
We regret that tickets are non-refundable unless you do not receive your award – in these circumstances your money will be refunded automatically.