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University of Bradford Union, The Students’ Union

The University of Bradford Students’ Union (UBU) is based in the £8m Student Central building at the heart of our city campus.

There are so many good reasons to engage with the UBU, from academic and financial support to societies, sports and volunteering opportunities. Your elected student representatives – together with a dedicated team of Students’ Union staff – are there to work directly for you.

To get a feel for student life at the University of Bradford, have a look at the Union’s Facebook page where you’ll find lots of photos, details of events and much more.

Team Bradford

The Students’ Union is home to Team Bradford, the heartbeat of the student community here in Bradford.

Team Bradford is a fun and supportive community of our students, led by the University of Bradford Students’ Union. Team Bradford’s three main principles are to encourage student participation and representation whilst striving to improve the overall student experience.

Team Bradford represents all our sports clubs, societies, media areas and volunteers. It is the student platform which champions all student successes, achievements and campaigns. When you arrive in Bradford you will become a part of this unique community and ethos which will be integral to improving your time here in Bradford.

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