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Room 101 is the UBU International Student Engagement Centre; a social learning space for international students and all those interested in intercultural awareness. It is managed by a large team of student volunteers under the guidance of Michael Allhouse, the UBU Student Engagement Manager.

Room 101 works very closely with other UBU services and other UoB departments to provide a wide range of services and student activities.

Through a programme of social learning initiatives and a friendly international environment, Room 101 helps students to adapt to British culture, engage with UBU activities, gain employability skills, enhance their academic and intercultural skills, improve their English and other languages, become global citizens, and fully engage in student life.

Highlights 2014-15

  • A dramatic increase in student-led language classes.
  • Room 101 wrote 3 articles for the ‘Studies in Self-Access Learning’ journal on social learning spaces for international students, all three of which can be found here:
  • Room 101 won awards: UK CISA / NUS International Student Advisor of the Year; VC’s Outstanding Achievement Award 2015 and the VC’s Teaching Excellence Award for developing peer learning communities.
  • The SoM opened a mini-Room 101; The Weir Room, which ran a number of activities:- weekly discussion club and TED Talks discussions; Christmas cycling event; Chinese New Year celebration; One World Week event, a table tennis competition and a game show afternoon.
  • Room 101 ran a number of social and academic events for PGR Students including the 3MT – 3 Minute Thesis competition for PhD students
  • Room 101 held student art exhibitions by students from Italy, Iran, Scotland and Romania. – The art in this report is by one of our artists Aicha Bahij.
  • Room 101 partnered with the International Office to become the International Student Information Point during the induction period, which helped identify Room 101 as the go-to place for international student help. During this time we had around 2500 visits.
  • Room 101 ran the Enterprise SIM Challenge with over 30 students taking part in a week long online business challenge.
  • Room 101 has impacted across UBU leading to greater international student engagement in other areas and leading to the writing of the first UBU Internationalisation Strategy (for submission at next Student Affairs meeting).
  • Room 101 also opened throughout the Christmas vacation including Christmas Day and New Years Day (we had circa 250 visits during the period 15 December 2014 to 4 January 2015) to ensure there was a place over the Christmas period where students could feel safe, secure, at this lonely time, whilst other places on campus were closed.