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Physicians Associate Studies MSc

The University of Bradford is proud to announce the launch of a new and innovative MSc in Physician Associate Studies. This postgraduate programme has been designed and developed in conjunction with local healthcare professionals to help improve patient access to medical services.

On this programme you will learn how to consult effectively with patients, take medical histories, conduct physical examinations, request and interpret tests, diagnose illnesses and injuries, develop treatment and management plans, and counsel on preventative healthcare.

This two-year full-time intensive training programme includes:

  • Regular clinical placements
  • Teaching by healthcare professionals
  • Innovative teaching methods using team-based and problem-based learning
  • Regular use of simulation using manikins and simulated patients to develop core competencies

Over an additional 12-month period you will undertake a clinical, research-focussed dissertation based on your practice as a qualified Physician Associate in order to achieve the MSc.

The programme equips students with the skills required for a career area that is in great demand in a changing NHS. The physician associate is a relatively new healthcare role in the UK, developed to meet the demand on front line NHS services and an associated shortage of doctors. Working under the supervision of a doctor, a physician associate works in a clinical setting consulting with patients in person and by telephone.

They are trained to perform a number of roles including:

  • taking medical histories
  • performing examinations
  • diagnosing illnesses
  • analysing test results
  • counsel on preventive health care

This programme will be a joint initiative across the Faculties of Health and Life Sciences at the University of Bradford. It is an intense 90-week programme taught over two years to achieve a PGDip and an additional 12 months to achieve a MSc.

Learning and teaching includes 1600 hours of clinical rotations in Hospitals and Community General Medical Practices.

There is a strong public health theme to the programme, with students committed to promoting health and wellbeing in order to prevent illness. There is also a technological theme to the programme with students developing skills in digital health and health informatics.

The programme is designed for clinicians, graduate scientists and other medical professionals working in a clinical, industrial or academic research environment. It is of interest to those with a first degree in other Health and Life Science subjects such as Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Medical Sciences, Nursing, Osteopathy and Occupational Therapy, who are interested in a career related to Medicine.

Candidates must pass the national exam before they can practice as a Physician Associate.

Further information can be found on the Faculty of Physicians Associate website.