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University of Bradford Pharmacy

Pharmacy at the University of Bradford dates back to 1927. We deliver a number of programmes with strong emphasis on lifelong learning, taught and supported by dedicated staff.

Our undergraduate MPharm degree course is the first one in the country to embed two separate six-month periods of pre-registration experience. This course commenced in 1970 and remains innovative in pharmacy education.

Why study pharmacy at Bradford?

It is an exciting time to be starting your career in pharmacy. The role of the pharmacist is evolving with the introduction of new services and high expectations from the UK government.

At Bradford, our aim is to produce pharmacists who:

  • are fully equipped to practise within a dynamic healthcare system
  • can adapt to change and understand the need to commit to continuing education and professional development throughout their professional life

As well as our undergraduate degrees, we offer a number of part-time and distance learning postgraduate courses for pharmacists, and the full-time interdisciplinary MSc in Pharmaceutical Technology.


Staff are also part of multi-disciplinary research groups and you can read more about these on our research website.

See our PhD research page for information on research areas and how to apply for a research degree in the School of Pharmacy.