University of Bradford Pharmacy Interview Questions

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University of Bradford Pharmacy Interview Questions

What to expect at the interview

An interview is a formal discussion between you and the recruiter, in which the recruiter asks questions and you are given the opportunity to prove your suitability for the post.

An interview may be conducted by one person or by a panel of people. Usually interviews happen in person, but they may also be conducted by telephone or Skype. If you’ve been invited to an interview, you can safely assume that, on the basis of your application, the employer considers you to have the potential to do the advertised job and they are considering you as a prospective employee.

The interview is your opportunity to convince the employer in person that you are the best candidate, so make the most of it by planning and preparing. Don’t assume that they will remember your application, CV or cover letter – they may be doing multiple interviews, so try and draw attention to the strong points of your application and CV – you don’t necessarily have to provide fresh examples.

Preparation is vital. It will give you confidence, control and the ability to deal effectively with any question, see below for our tips on how to prepare for your interview.

First impressions

The impression you create in the first 60 seconds can be very important in creating the right rapport between you and the interviewer(s):

  • Be courteous and friendly towards everyone you meet – anyone may be assessing you, including the receptionist you report to in the first instance.
  • Remember to switch your phone off as soon as you arrive at the interview.
  • If you are a smoker, make sure you have mints or spray to remove the tobacco smell long before you enter the building – the smell lingers.
  • Make an effort to present a confident appearance and greet the interviewer(s) with a firm handshake.
  • Wait to be seated – don’t just assume one of the chairs is yours.
  • Above all, try to stay positive and remember that any experiences you have as part of a recruitment process are an opportunity for you to learn and to develop.