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University of Bradford Occupational Health

The Occupational Health service is an independent, confidential health service provided by Industrial Diagnostics Company Ltd (IDC).

Tel: 08450 775512

If you have any health issues which you feel are affecting your work or your work is affecting your health, then you will need to discuss this with your line manager, who will refer you to OH for support and advice. If you feel you are not able to discuss the issues with your line manager, you should approach your Senior Human Resources Adviser for your area who will refer you to OH for support.

For all information relating to management referrals, please visit the ServiceNow website.

The service is not responsible for your medical care, that is provided by your General Practitioner or Specialist.

About us

The University of Bradford is a public, plate glass university located in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. The university received its Royal Charter in 1966, making it the 40th university to be created in Britain, but its origins date back to the early 19th century. There are two campuses: the main campus located on Richmond Road and the School of Management, at Emm Lane.

The student population includes 8,395 undergraduate and 2,815 postgraduate students. Mature students make up around a third of the undergraduate community. 22% of students are foreign, and come from over 110 different countries. There were 14,406 applications to the university through UCAS in 2010, of which 3,421 were accepted.

It was the first British university to establish a Department of Peace Studies in 1973, which is currently the world’s largest university centre for the study of peace and conflict. The division has a reputation as a centre of excellence in peace research, international relations, security studies, conflict resolution and development and peace studies.