University of Bradford Financial Statements

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University of Bradford Financial Statements

Operating and Financial Review for the year ended 31 July 2016

Aims and objectives

The overall aim of the University is that set out in its Charter, namely “to advance education and knowledge through teaching and research; and the application of knowledge to societal welfare and in particular (although without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) teaching and research in technological, scientific, social and professional disciplines in an environment of equality and diversity. In furtherance of these objects it shall;
a) collaborate with industry, commerce, the professions and other institutions; and b) in addition to its national and international roles, it shall have a particular commitment to the economic and educational well-being of the city of Bradford and the district and region.”
Scope of financial statements The Council of the University of Bradford presents the financial results of the University, including those of the subsidary company Bradford Education Consulting (Beijing) Co. Ltd, for the year ended 31 July 2016. The results of Inprint & Design Limited, a joint venture between the University and Bradford College are also included.


The University has almost 11,000 students; approximately 1,350 of these are based at overseas partner institutions, and over 860 are distance learners, based either in the UK or overseas. Over 1,500 of the overall student population is postgraduate (the majority of distance learners are postgraduate students), The postgraduate population includes over 300 research students. Of the 8,730 students based at Bradford, just under 10% are part-time. Students are organised into five faculties: Engineering and Informatics, Health Studies, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and Management and Law. Apart from the latter, all Bradford students are based at the Richmond Road campus in central Bradford. Management and Law students are based at the
Emm Lane campus approximately 2.5 miles away to the north of the city. The University has just over 1,800 staff, of whom almost 500 are part-time. Just over 600 staff are academic. University Strategy 2015-2025 Following an extensive consultation exercise, the University Strategy 2015 – 2025 was approved by the Council of the University in February 2015 and formally came into effect from August 2015. The Strategy and associated Development Plan set out the broad ambitions of the University for the next ten years, articulating plans for growth in student numbers, both home and overseas, and undergraduate and postgraduate. The Strategy sets out the vision, values, academic themes and objectives.

Our vision

The University of Bradford is a technology university with great strengths. Our ambition is to build on our heritage and these areas of strength, to be a world leader in:
(a) the creation of knowledge through fundamental and applied research;
(b) the dissemination of knowledge by teaching students from all backgrounds;
(c) the application of knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of people.