University of Bradford Exam Timetable

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University of Bradford Exam Timetable

Exam timetables 2016/17

The timetables below outline the examinations you are scheduled to sit, along with their locations and durations.

  • You must attend the examinations, and locations, that have been allocated to you. Please do not try to sit your examinations at locations/times that are different from those you have been allocated.
  • You must arrive at the examination location at least 15 minutes before the start of the exam. This is to ensure the examination invigilators have enough time to seat all the candidates and begin the examination at the start time.
  • You must remember to bring your UoB ID card with you to all examinations. This will enable the examination invigilators to properly identify you.

Important: If you arrive at an examination after the start time you will not be allowed entry to sit the examination.

Please note that your exam timetable may change during the examination period as the Examinations Office takes into account revised departmental requirements. Please check regularly for the latest version.

Examination Timetable

Exam Timetable:Semester Two – May 2017

Amendment Exam Timetable – May 2017

Faculty of Health Studies – 22 May 2017


If you have any queries about your exam timetable please contact your Faculty. The Examinations Office staff will not be able to resolve your query.

You can also get in touch with the Counselling Service if you are struggling during the exam period or in the run-up to exams. There is also a Panic Free Exam workshop on Wednesday 14 December and Wednesday 11 January.