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Welcome to the The University of Bolton electronic tendering process

From this web site you can

  • View a list of tenders/contracts/quotations.
  • View information on contracts that have already been awarded.
  • Express interest in a particular tender or quotation.
  • Receive tender and/or quotation documentation.
  • Safely return your tender or quotation documents.
  • Send and receive correspondence.

How do I get started?

  • To browse the list of tenders and quotations select the Tenders option. If you are interested in any of those listed, click the View Details button for further information and to express your interest.
  • To gain full access to this web site you must register your company / organisation using the Register option.
  • When your registration has been accepted, you will receive an email containing your Login Information.
  • Once you have received your Login Information, or if you are already a registered user, select the Login option.

For more information on using the web site select the Help option.

The University of Bolton procurement policies and initiatives.

  • For further information on The University of Bolton procurement policies and initiatives please click on the following link.
Tenders – Management

Expressing An Interest: Companies will see a brief outline of the Tender on the Tenders page and select View Details to attain a more detailed description of the Tender. From here they should express an interest in the Tender if desired. Once this has been accepted by the procurement team, the Tender will then move the My Tenders section. From here after selecting View Details more options become available to the yourself.

Document Publication: Once an expression of interest has been accepted by the procurement department you shall receive an e-mail notification about the publication of tender documents.

Online Management: Once you have received the Documents if you select View Tender Details option you should be able to see all the Documents sent to you via the procurement department. You will need to select the Stage name which is displayed to the right of the “Tender” button. The documents are highlighted on the left hand side in the ‘Tender Documents Received From The Procurement Department’ section. You may View or Download these documents at your disposal.