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University of Bolton Online Courses, The flexible online learning programme allows you to learn anywhere, anytime. The flexible learning programmes are designed for students who would like to earn a high-quality degree, but who are unable to enroll in a traditional campus programme. This may include you, if you work long or unusual hours, travel extensively, live far from a good university or for other personal or work reasons need the flexibility of an online degree programme. The flexible learning programmes allow you to tailor the time and place of your learning to fit your work schedule and lifestyle

It seeks to bring together the best of each other’s strengths and abilities.

The University of Bolton is responsible for the academic quality of a programmes and it awards the degrees. Online programmes are developed and quality assured by experienced faculty at the School of Business and Creative Technology and other schools within the University. As the University of Bolton’s exclusive worldwide e-learning partner.

The programmes are delivered using a sophisticated audio and video conferencing technology which enables interactive teaching in synchronous mode.This alone, distinguishes it from the normal asynchronous mode- delivered programmes that are on offer by other institutions. Students attend live lectures and discuss with fellow students and faculty members just as they would in a ‘ traditional’ classroom setting.

BA (Hons) – Business Management

Marketing is fundamental to business success and is the dominant aspect of this business management course. Marketing is an integrated approach to running an organisation which focuses on customers, the competition, the external environment.


Whatever industry or business sector you work in, the MBA course will support you in gaining a critical understanding of the challenging business and management concepts and frameworks that will allow you to contribute to business success.