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As a student enrolled on a degree programme awarded by the University of Bolton,  you have the same status as a student enrolled at Bolton.  This means that the degree certificate you receive is the same, where practicable you will  have access to the same facilities and you have the same rights and obligations under the University’s academic  regulations.

However, as the programme you are enrolled on is delivered in partnership with another institution off-campus,  there are special considerations to be made.

This web site aims to advise you on the split of responsibilities between the  University and it’s collaborative partner and to identify specific issues that may be of interest to you.

• Rules and Regulations

• Pastoral Care

• Student Feedback

• Graduation

• Contacts and Communications

Rules and Regulations

As a student enrolled on an academic programme,  you have the same rights and obligations under the University’s academic regulations and relevant details of these are included in the Student Handbook that will be provided to you at the start of the programme.  These can also be found in full on the website.

You should understand that these regulations cover both academic issues and also the respect you are required to give to your teaching staff and fellow students.

As you are attending teaching events in the premises of a partner institution, you will also be expected to abide by the rules and regulations that apply to attending that partner institution.

Learning resources

Specific learning resources will be provided to you by our partner and/or Bolton Tutors in a timely manner.  Some of these resources will be provided on line and you should ensure that you have been able to successfully register in order to  access to this material.

You should also have a look at the website for learning resources.  Many students find the  BISSTO (Bolton Interactive Study Skills Online) pages providing helpful .  Those who are less familiar with UK degrees  should find the Introduction to studying in Britain particularly useful. You will see that this also includes some tips on common cross cultural communication differences that may help you to understand the University’s teaching staff a bit better !

Pastoral Care

While the University’s Student Services Centre is willing to help our students studying off-campus where possible, it is often more practical for direct support to be  provided at the site of study.  Consequently,  your first point of contact for pastoral support should be with the designated member of staff at the partner institution.

If you are unable to get the support you feel you require from the partner institution, you should discuss this with the  Bolton Link Tutor.   If you are unable to wait until their next visit, then you should email them.  If you are uncomfortable emailing the Link Tutor  initially, you can always seek advice from any of the teaching staff that are visiting.  However any formal request for support from the University must at some point go through the Link Tutor.

Student Feedback

The University is aware that academic  staff have less contact with students on off-shore programmes that those being taught at Bolton.  This means that student feedback is even more important.

You will be asked to give feedback on each module and at the end of each progamme. The results of this feedback is fed into formal committees at the University that have responsibility for, not just maintaining but also,  enhancing the quality of provision.

Regular Course Committees are also arranged, normally to coincide with a Bolton teaching visit, and this is a good opportunity to use your course representatives to raise issues concerning the quality and delivery of the programme.

Students are encouraged to raise issues informally at any time with staff at either they University or the partner institution.  However,  to ensure that necessary action is taken, it is better to formalise such issues through the Course Committee. If the matter is urgent  then the matter should be raised formally in writing to the appropriate member of staff at the partner institution or, if they cannot respond,  to the  Bolton Link Tutor.


The University endeavours to provide regular  in-country  Graduation Ceremonies were possible.  However, if small cohorts are involved, this may mean combining a  ceremony with other programmes or arranging for ceremonies to take place biannually.  Any delay in arranging graduation ceremonies will not delay the receipt of your Degree Certificate.

As an enrolled member of the University, you are also entitled to attend a Graduation Ceremony at the University.  If you do decide to attend, then it is important to pay attention to the deadlines for registration as these events take a significant amount of time to organise.   Don’t forget to notify the Bolton Link Tutor that you intend to attend in good time.  In most cases, they will do their best to arrange a special programme for you given that you have made so much effort to come !

Contacts and Communications

Your first point of contact on any issue should be the designated member of staff at the partner institution. They  will be able to decide whether they can deal with the issue themselves or refer to the Bolton Link Tutor.  If you are not satisfied with the response from the partner institution, then you should contact the Bolton Link Tutor directly.  If you are still not satisfied, then you should consider contacting the Dean of  the School.  However,  you should be realistic about response times as there may be periods when academic staff are teaching full time, possibly overseas,  and cannot always respond to emails immediately.

PLEASE NOTE:  Students should use their Bolton email address when communicating with the University.  Emails sent from other accounts (ie hotmail, yahoo) frequently go unnoticed into spam folders.

Finally …..

The University of Bolton would warmly welcome any ideas about other information that students would find useful to be on this site.  Please do not hesitate to eMail with your suggestions.