University of Bolton Graduation 2017

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University of Bolton Graduation 2017

Location of The University of Bolton Graduation ceremony 2017

We pay a lot of money to study at this University and don’t recieve many benefits for doing so. Graduation day is one of the most important days in our lives. It is only reasonable we ask the university to take this one day a year to dip into their extensive funds and put on a day we can all be proud of inviting our friends and family to. This begins with hiring out a proper location such as the previously used town hall or somewhere like Rivington Barn e.t.c. Somewhere that looks the part and isn’t shameful. A tent/marquee is, in my opinion, just not sufficient and another blatant scheme to spend less money on us, the students, without whom they would be out of a job.

What is the correct form of dress for graduation?

The correct form of dress to accompany an academic gown is for men a dark suit, collar and tie and for women a dark suit with a white blouse, or a dark dress. Alternatively national dress may be worn.

How do I contact the Graduation Team?

If you haven’t found the answer to your question above please contact us either by phone on 01204 903400 or email us at