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If you would like any information regarding the Facilities department, please contact our admin team on 01204 903923.

  • Maintenance Repair Request
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  • Car Parking Policy
  • Cycle Locker Application Form

Maintenance Helpdesk

The Maintenance Helpdesk can be contacted Monday to Friday from 8.45 am until 5.00 pm  on Ext 3923.

All requests are logged onto a database.  Each repair reported will be acknowledged by email indicating the repairs allotted priority and on completion of the work a further email will be sent to the originator.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the work, you should contact the Maintenance Manager on Ext. 3921 who will investigate.

When you make your call you will be asked to provide specific information about the repair:

  • Site
  • Building
  • Room No
  • Room Type ie classroom, office etc
  • Brief description of repair

Alternatively, you can email your request directly to .

Emergency Repairs

In cases of emergency ie mains failure, lack of water, lift breakdown, roof leaks etc please contact the Maintenance Helpdesk as above.  The helpdesk will then contact the relevant person(s) following the prescribed procedure.  Do not attempt to contact any member of the Maintenance Team direct.

General Repairs

All general repair requests will be logged and attended to in accordance with the priority they have been given.

Priority will be given to building maintenance work over and above such jobs as hanging noticeboards and dry wipe boards etc.

Please do not ask the Maintenance Team to carry out work not reported via the helpdesk or ask for additional work to be done whilst in attendance on another report.  The maintenance team have been instructed not to carry out work that has not been issued via the Helpdesk.

Repairs outside the Scope of Maintenance

The repairs and maintenance of some items of equipment fall outside the responsibility of the Maintenance Team.  This includes equipment purchased and operated by departments ie compressors, lifting equipment, testing equipment etc.  However, some equipment is subject to statutory insurance inspection.  These inspections will be organised by the Maintenance Manager and therefore  departments should advise the Maintenance Manager of any such purchases.  Please note that all remedial repairs that arise from statutory inspections remain the responsibility of the department.