University of Bolton Exam Timetable

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University of Bolton Exam Timetable

Examination Timetables – May 2017

Please select the required Examination Timetable for your Academic School from the list below

University of Bolton Exam Timetable, On Campus

University of Bolton Exam Timetable, School of the Arts [pdf] – There are no exams for Arts during this Semester                                               [inc. Art & Design, English Studies, Media Studies and Theatre & Performing Arts]

Bolton Business School [pdf] – updated 20/04/2017                                                                                [inc. Accountancy, Business and Management and Masters in Business Administration]

School of Law [pdf] – updated 20/04/2017                                                                                           [inc. Law and Masters of Law]

School of Creative Technologies [pdf] – published 03/04/2017                                                                   [inc. Computing, Creative Technologies and Games]

School of Education and Psychology [pdf] – updated 10/04/2017                                                               [inc. Education, Initial Teacher Education and Psychology]

School of Engineering [pdf] – updated 10/04/2017                                                                                   [inc. Biomedical Engineering, Built Environment, Engineering and Mathematics]

School of Sport and Biomedical Sciences [pdf] – updated 12/04/2017                                                       [inc. Biology and and Sport]

School of Health and Human Sciences [pdf] – published 03/04/2017                                                           [inc. Dentistry, Early Years, Health Studies, Nursing and Youth and Community Studies]