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Creative writing is an art that links imagination with craft. Taught by professional writers, you will learn essential features of the art that will give you a solid foundation for your imaginative practice. In the introductory modules you will learn about character, dialogue, structure, point of view, writing for different media, using language with imagination and purpose, editing and many other aspects of the writer’s craft.

This will equip you for more advanced study and practice later in the course including the workshop method, where your creative work will be shared with your fellow students and discussed in a supportive way to enable you to redraft it. In the professional world fiction, drama and poetry are rewritten and rewritten and this course will equip you with essential skills in criticism and self-criticism that will help you to hone your creative work. In the final year you will undertake a major project in the field of your choice which will be work shopped and redrafted at least once and perhaps many more times.

The study and practice of the processes of creativity will be supported by contextual investigation and analysis. We encourage students to take work-based learning and have frequent guest speakers – writers, publishers, editors, actors, directors and many more.

About the course

The course is focused on supporting your development as a writer. As with other courses at the University of Bolton, the creative writing degree reflects the practice of professionals in the field, and you are encouraged to learn from the way that professional writers work and build up an understanding of your own creative process at the same time. Our tutors draw on their experience as professional writers to help you to turn your abilities and ambitions into achievements.

Entry requirementsFrom September 2017, 96 UCAS points from at least two A2-levels (or equivalent) in any subjects.