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Why choose this course?

  • Delivers a high level of integrated clinical knowledge and skill development that is designed to prepare you for the complexities of real world practice. Challenging but rewarding.
  • Inspiring learning environment: the course is taught in Bolton One’s brand new and well equipped Clinical Simulation Suite. This ensures that you will have a comfortable, highly interactive, practical learning experience that assist you to make sense of theory and apply it to complex patient care.
  • Taught by an innovative and supportive team who are dedicated to ensuring your success in the advanced practice role.
  • Advanced Practitioners who have graduated from Bolton are highly sought after each obtaining employment immediately on graduation.

Course overview

If you are an experienced practitioner working in health and social care the MSc in Advanced Practice will enable you to broaden your role beyond its traditional boundaries, enhance your applied skills and knowledge, and support your personal and career development.

You will develop skills and knowledge to achieve the level of an ‘advanced practitioner’ through a personalised work-based programme of learning. This will allow you to tailor your practice to respond to challenges and changes within the health service.

The course combines work-based activities and mentoring with a diverse range of experiences provided in both the workplace and the University, including expert-led lectures, seminars, learning sets, group and individual tutorials, case studies and individual reflective practice.

As the course is work-based it is very flexible and ensures a student-centred approach that is designed to fit your personal circumstances, employment and professional development needs.

About the course

The course will develop both your clinical and leadership abilities enabling you to achieve the level of an ‘advanced practitioner’. You will experience a highly structured academic programme in the University that is augmented by a personalised work-based programme of learning. The combination of academic and practice based learning ensures that you have the requisite clinical grounding yet remains flexible enough to allow you to personalise your practice, to respond to challenges and changes within your role and your developing service. Specifically you will gain an in depth knowledge of the principal diseases that affect humans and the medicines that are used in their management. You will also learn how to thoroughly clinically examine patients and interpret the findings of diagnostic studies.