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University of Birmingham Transcript

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Information about academic transcripts and how to obtain one from the University

What is an academic transcript?

A transcript is a summary of a student’s academic performance and progress to date. It lists the modules taken during each academic year, and the marks obtained in each module. An official copy will be printed on University transcript paper, which is branded and printed with the University crest.

A transcript contains the following information:

  • Start date at the University
  • Programme of study
  • A list of modules that a student has taken to date, together with the marks or grades achieved
  • A list of modules that a student is currently taking (if still a student at the University of Birmingham on the same programme)
  • The institution(s) where the programme of study was, or is to be, delivered
  • Research thesis title (if applicable)
  • Qualification and final result achieved for the programme of study
  • Leaving and conferment date (if applicable)
  • From 2015/16 onwards any enhanced activities that a student completed (for example, club captain)

A transcript will only reflect confirmed marks following a University Progress Board, and cannot include any additional information.