University of Birmingham Rugby

University of Birmingham Rugby

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University of Birmingham Rugby Union (Men’s)

The Rugby club is one of the biggest clubs at the University. We run 5 teams ranging from our First XV to our Fourth XV, as well as a Fresher side. We have a culture that encourages attractive running rugby, and allows the development of all players under the guidance of our talented coaching team. Our 1st XV play on the Bournbrook rugby pitch, one of the top university pitches in the country, and something of a caldron on match day where we have seen crowds of over 1500 providing an almost carnival atmosphere.

University of Birmingham Rugby union (Women’s)

Women’s rugby union is a friendly and welcoming club, open to complete beginners, seasoned pros and everyone in-between. Whether you enjoy meeting new people, becoming a great team player, improving your personal fitness or learning new skills, this is the club for you. Ready to play in a new league this year, we aim to go out and enjoy ourselves (both on and off the pitch), and hopefully smash the opposition! With both a BUCS and a developmental team, there is plenty of opportunity for playing, so don’t be afraid to come down and give us a try (no pun intended)! Women’s rugby is an adrenaline filled sport, full of excitement, but ultimately it all comes down to dependable and reliable teammates, who will become mates for life. Women’s rugby is rapidly increasing in popularity so why not come and join in the action?