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The School of Education is one of the largest research-led schools of education in the UK with a distinguished reputation for excellence. It has a number of research centres as well as research groups. The school also provides opportunities for Postgraduate Research and runs a Visiting Scholars programme.

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As a research-intensive university, Birmingham is committed to research that is pioneering in terms of its originality and distinctiveness, significance and rigour. Our vision is to inspire today’s brightest researchers to make a major impact on global society, and to become the leaders of tomorrow in whatever field they pursue.

Our vision is one where the transfer of knowledge and technology – generated from our research into the economy, policy and society – is an embedded and natural component of our activity, as important and relevant as the knowledge generation itself.

We support knowledge transfer as a broad spectrum of activity – including dissemination to our peers, engagement of the public, support to government and industry, and commercialisation of our intellectual property.

We aim to build on individual excellence and to capitalise on our distinctive multi- and inter-disciplinary research strengths to address key national and global challenges; recognising that the complexity of these requires the productive bringing together of different perspectives and skills.