University of Birmingham Regulation 8

By | 21st April 2017

University of Birmingham Regulation 8

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University Regulations

The Regulations contain principles and standards designed to control or govern conduct or provide direction at a more detailed level than Ordinances. They may be amended or augmented through the University’s own committee system.

These Regulations apply to all members of the University, including students.

The previous cohort-based Regulations (comprising sections 5, 6, 7 and 8 of these Regulations) are superseded by these Regulations, and therefore all students, whatever their year of study, are bound by these Regulations.

The Update to Legislation document gives a brief overview of the changes to University legislation for 2016-17.

For students commencing their studies in 2017-18, please refer to the 2017-18 Legislation page for details on the relevant University legislation that will be in place at the start of your studies.

Regulations for 2016/17

These Regulations will be in force during the academic year 2016/17, after which further changes may be made. The University has reserved the right to make changes each year which bind all members of the University, including students.