The University of Birmingham Medicine (5 years)

The University of Birmingham Medicine (5 years)

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The University of Birmingham Medicine (5 years)

The University of Birmingham gives you the first-class opportunity you need to develop the skills to become a medical practitioner. 

Academically able with a natural aptitude for science, you’ll have a strong interest in human affairs, a concern for the welfare of others, a flair for communication and the desire to make a real difference. You’ll also need a lot of drive to complete this demanding degree course. Throughout your time with us, you’ll be treated as an individual and we’ll encourage you to develop and explore your own professional interests.

With five-and-a-half million people in the West Midlands area, you’ll be studying in the country’s largest healthcare region, offering a variety of clinical placements. One of these is the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, located next door to the Medical School, which opened in 2010 and has state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. This means you will have plenty of opportunities to gain experience in the diversity of medical disciplines, learning how to manage a wide range of patients from different backgrounds and cultures. Right from the start, you’ll experience the practice of healthcare in the community with a fortnightly attachment to a general practice, allowing you to see how your studies translate into clinical practice.

Your training in hospitals and general practices takes place within a highly organised academy structure. Heads of Academies are senior consultants and GPs who are responsible to the Medical School for ensuring that you receive high-quality training in each speciality.

You will also have the option to choose from several optional intercalating programmes, which you would take after your second, third or fourth year of study. These allow you to engage in novel laboratory- or community-based research work in either basic or applied medical research.

In 2016, the results of the National Student Survey (NSS) showed that 93% of our students were satisfied with the teaching on this course.


Tuition fees

Home / EU students entering in 2017

For UK students beginning their studies in September 2017, the University of Birmingham will charge the maximum approved tuition fee per year. The fees for your first year of study will therefore be £9,250. Visit our tuition fees page for more information.

Overseas students entering in 2017

  • £20,250 (International students – pre-clinical years 1 and 2)
  • £35,640 (International students – clinical years 3, 4 and 5)

Additional costs

When you apply for the course, it is important that you also take into account living costs and that you will have sufficient funds to finance the full duration of your studies. Please also note that during the last three years of the programme you will be required to be in attendance for most of each year and the costs of subsistence and travel will accordingly be much greater.

Average additional course costs (approximate):

  • Travel for Years 1 & 2: £96
  • Travel for Year 3: £575
  • Travel for Year 4: £830
  • Travel for Year 5: £619
  • Text books, equipment, examination costs: £360
  • Average total cost of an elective (not inc cost of living): £1,590


Scholarships, bursaries or grants may be available to support you through your course. Funding opportunities available are linked to your subject area and/or your country of origin. These can be from the University or other sources. The MBChB programme does not offer any additional scholarships.

For further information on tuition fees, living costs and available financial support, please see our pages on undergraduate fees and funding.