University of Birmingham Guild of Students

University of Birmingham Guild of Students

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University of Birmingham Guild of Students

Our History

The Guild of Students is around 130 years old and today is one of the largest Students’ Unions in the country, representing over 34,000 students.

We have a rich and varied history and in 2010 Emma Packham (Vice President Student Activities and Development 2009/10) and Ed Sparkes (Vice President Housing & Community 2009/10) began to chart the history of the Guild and created this timeline.

We recently completed a History Project which aims to update members and interested parties on our history through the treasures uncovered in our archive.

Who we are and what we do for you

If you’re a student at the University of Birmingham, then you’re automatically a member of the Guild of Students.

As a charity and the students’ union for more than 34,000 students, we’re here to help you develop skills outside of study, have fun, meet new people, represent you to the University and make sure you get the best from Birmingham!

What makes the Guild unique? Well, for starters, we are…

  • Democratically run by a team of 8 elected students
  • The home to 250+ student groups, societies and associations
  • One of the biggest employers of students on campus, helping students earn over £2m in wages in 2015/16!
  • A charity, overseen by a Board of Trustees
  • Non-profit making. Instead, any surplus we make goes back in the pot to fund student activities
  • Working closely with the University, to represent your views
  • Here for YOU!