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Before starting your course and travelling to the UK you must have sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living costs, it is not possible to raise enough money to cover tuition fees and living costs through part-time work.

Should I be paying home or international tuition fees?

Please refer to the UKCISA information on tuition fees to help you assess your fee status. This guide should give you a clear idea of whether you have a home or International student status.

The decision as to whether you will receive home fee status will be made by the University Admissions department. You need to meet all the requirements to be given home fee status.

Paying for your course

Before coming to the UK you need carefully budget your finances to make sure you have money for both your tuition fees and living costs. You must have enough funds to cover all your costs for the duration of your course, before you travel to the UK. Do not plan to rely on earnings from work in the UK as it is not possible to fund your course through part-time work alone, you will need full funding in place before start your course.

If you do not have enough money you will struggle financially and may have to leave your course before completing. Please note the University does withdraw students if they do not pay their fees in time.  There are a number of payment options; please note that fees must be paid according to the University payment dates. If you do not have funding in time for the start of your course you should delay the start of your course.

Cost of living in the UK and budgeting tools

The cost of living in the UK will depend on a number of factors such as the type of accommodation you have, the amount you spend on food, travel, clothing and social activities.

The UNIAID International Students’ Calculator has been developed by two independent charities, UNIAID and UKCISA, to help you plan and manage your money for your studies in the UK. Please note that UNIAID and UKCISA are not funding organisations so cannot offer any scholarships or funding.


You should apply for funding before you start your course as there is often no funding available to international students once they have started their course. The University information on scholarships, grants and bursaries explains the funding available.

Other funding

See the link below information about the different research councils and funding opportunities.

Opening a bank account

We strongly advise that you open a bank account in the UK, as if you want to extend your visa it is easier to use evidence from a UK bank account than an overseas account. When you arrive in the UK and register for your course you will issued with your University ID card, and at the same time will also be able to collect a University letter to help you open a bank account.