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With over 120 Dental Surgery, Dental Hygiene and Therapy, and Biomaterials students per year, a large cohort of postgraduate research students and a committed group of support staff, the School of Dentistry is thriving place to study, research and work.

The school continues to grow and is well placed to meet the demands and challenges of the coming years.

In the Research Excellence Framework 2014 the University of Birmingham was ranked first in the country for Dentistry in terms of 4* and 3* research.

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A Short History about the school of dentistry

There has been a dental hospital in Birmingham since 1858. While it was not the first Dental Hospital in this country, being preceeded by an Institute for the Diseases of teeth founded by Snell, Saunders and Harrison in 1839 and the London Dental Dispensary founded by Fox in 1855, it is certainly the oldest now in this country, and possibly the world.

The hospital’s founder was Samuel Adams Parker, the son of S.W. Langston Parker, a well known Birmingham surgeon. The teaching of dental students formally took place in 1880 and the Dental Students’ Society became properly organised in 1886. The teaching was organised with Queen’s college and three separate professorships were created Dental Surgery and Pathology, Dental Anatomy and Physiology and Dental Mechanics. Queen’s college was amalgamated with Mason’s college in 1892 and this led to further expansion of the dental departments.

Mason’s college became The University of Birmingham in 1900 and it was empowered to confer the degrees of Master of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Dental Surgery as well as to grant Licences in Dental Surgery. In fact Birmingham was the first University to grant dental degrees.

The creation of the University brought the need for increased accommodation for patients and students. The School and Hospital moved to new premises on Great Charles Street.

Early history of Dentistry in Birmingham, along with a series of photographs of the old Schools and Hospitals.

The building outgrew its usefulness and plans were drawn up to build a new School and Hospital in 1955. The late Professor Alexander MacGregor, the then Director of Dental Studies and Mr H. Locksley Hare, the architect, visited many of the newer and outstanding schools in Europe. The design of the building incorporates many ideas acquired during these visits. The new building was opened in 1965 at a site next to the General Hospital (now Children’s Hospital). This building was the sixth home of the Hospital and School.

Today, the School of Dentistry is a thriving instituition having over 100 Dental, Therapy, and Biomaterial students per year. There are a large number of postgraduate research students together with support staff present in the school. The school continues to grow and is well placed to meet the demands and challenges of the coming years.

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The School of Dentistry is proud of its undergraduate courses in Dentistry, Biomaterials, and Dental Hygiene & Therapy, and its research-based postgraduate programmes.

Taught Courses

Dentistry courses at Birmingham will provide you with a solid foundation of learning on which to base your clinical experience and patient care. The ongoing strand of whole patient care in Clinical Practice enables you to integrate speciality teaching and perform the most appropriate treatment for your patients.

Our taught course portfolio also includes Biomedical Materials Science. This degree offers you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive background in the medical science and engineering of materials for repairing or replacing damaged, diseased or missing tissues in the human body.

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Research Degrees

The three main areas of research in our School are: Biomaterials, Primary Dental Care and Tissue Injury and Repair. Our research has a strong translational focus, being driven by clinical questions, and aims to provide novel diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to the most common oral and general health problems.

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Continuing Professional Development

Verifiable CPD and CE for all the dental team from the University of Birmingham.

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ORE and LDS part 2 preparation course

Building on success of previous preparation courses for registration with the General Dental Council, the School has developed a two part course to prepare candidates for the ORE and LDS part 2 preparation course