University Of Bedfordshire Quality

University Of Bedfordshire Quality

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) is an independent body which monitors and advises on standards and quality within UK higher education.

All UK universities undergo Higher Education Review by the QAA to ensure they meet the expectations of all providers of UK higher education as specified in the UK Quality Code for Higher Education

The University has primary responsibility for academic standards and quality but QAA makes judgements as to whether or not its academic standards and quality meet UK expectations. The University reviews its activity to ensure full alignment with the Quality Code and the associated expectations via its Teaching Quality and Standards Committee.

The University of Bedfordshire was subject to QAA Higher Education Review in June 2015 by a team of six reviewers. The team formed the following judgements about the higher education provision at the University of Bedfordshire.

  • The setting and maintenance of the academic standards of awards meets UK expectations.
  • The quality of student learning opportunities meets UK expectations
  • The quality of the information about learning opportunities meets UK expectations
  • The enhancement of student learning opportunities is commended.

The full report is available at

The University has produced an action plan in response to the findings contained in this report.