University Of Bedfordshire Medicine

University Of Bedfordshire Medicine

Busy medical professionals who wish to increase and develop their knowledge want courses that are flexible and adaptable, and this MA fulfils that need.

Each unit combines focused study days that range over a three month period, with interactive online learning and supported self-directed study.

You will have opportunities to concentrate on your work-related professional progression, develop a critical, analytic and reflective attitude to medical and healthcare education, and grow as a medical educator and leader.

Intermediate qualifications available:

  • Postgraduate diploma – 120 credits at Masters level
  • Postgraduate certificate – 60 credits at Masters level

Medical Education – MA – Putteridge Bury Campus, Luton

  • Apply Via – DIRECT ENTRY
  • Course level – Postgraduate
  • UCAS Code
  • Campus Location – Putteridge Bury Campus, Luton
  • Start dates – Feb,Oct
  • Duration – 1 Years
  • Attendance – | Part-time day
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