University Of Bedfordshire London Campus

University Of Bedfordshire London Campus

The University of Bedfordshire’s vision is of a world where all are able to benefit from transformational educational experiences.

We create a vibrant, multicultural learning community, enabling people to transform their lives by participating in excellent, innovative education, scholarship and research.

To find out more about our vision, mission, values and objectives, please view our strategic plan.


The University of Bedfordshire’s aim is to provide transformational opportunities through access to an excellent educational experience.

Our Mission

We create a vibrant multicultural learning community enabling people to transform their lives by participating in an excellent and innovative learning experience, through our curriculum, co-curriculum, extra curriculum, scholarship and research.

Our Values

We have a duty to our students, staff and stakeholders, and aspire to fulfil our mission; in doing so we will be guided by these values:

  • Access – we value diversity and have a student focus on all we do.
  • Scholarship – we develop and maintain our knowledge of subjects and disciplines which we impart to our students through our teaching.
  • Partnership – we believe in working in partnership with individuals and organisations to develop our students, to inform our applicable research and to make a difference to the communities of which we are a part.
  • Innovation – we expect our work to be innovative as well as true and believe in continuous improvement, thereby enhancing the quality of all our activities.
  • Respect we have a concern for all our students and staff.
  • Employability – we believe in empowering our students and preparing them for the world of work.