University Of Bedfordshire Keynote

University Of Bedfordshire Keynote

FAME ( Financial Analysis Made Easy )

FAME is a major financial database covering major British companies.  You can use FAME to find information on a particular company, for example Tesco.  Typically you would be able to find the past five years profit and loss accounts and balance sheets. When searching for a company name you will usually be looking for the PLC ( eg Tesco PLC ) Any others which appear in a list are likely to be companies owned by the PLC (eg Tesco Mobile)

It is also possible to compare the company which you have found with others in the same market. These results can then be displayed as a pie chart to demonstrate the overall state of the market.


Osiris is supplied by the same company as FAME, therefore looks the same but contains information on listed, and major unlisted/delisted, companies around the world. The information is very detailed and includes a lot more than financial reports. Different templates are used to show accounts in the correct formats for their company type and location.

Business Source Premier

Business Source Premier is an extremely large database containing a variety of full-text journal articles on management, economics, finance & accountancy and banking. If you were looking for articles on a particular topic, ticking the full-text box and carrying out a search on this database is likely to give you many results.

It might be wiser, having browsed your results, to limit the search. This can be done in a number of ways. For instance, using the ‘Advanced Search’ facility it would be possible to look for a word like ‘Merger’ in the title of an article. You could then combine this search with another term like ‘theory’ within the article itself.

Another useful feature of Business Source Premier is that after carrying out a search a list of options is generated on the left hand side of the screen enabling you to narrow down your search by subject. A search for ‘Whistle blowing’ will thus indicate related topics such as ‘business ethics’ and ‘public interest’

Business Source Premier is the sort of database which will provide you with academic theory about a topic. You can limit your search to a key journal such as Harvard Business Review, which is included in full-text back to 1922.

International GAAP Online ( Generally Accepted Accounting Practice under international financial reporting standards )

An EU directive made it obligatory for listed companies to use International GAAP with effect from 2005. This database provides a searchable full-text version of the current international accounting standards. It includes illustrative financial statements, and international companies reports and accounts.


Credo is a collection of e-books of the kind which you may expect to find in our Quick Reference section. There are several business dictionaries and encyclopaedias included which cover words and phrases which are used in accounting. For instance there is a good definition of ‘whistle blower’ from the Collins Dictionary of Business. References from Credo will look good in your reference list as they are from recognised academic sources.

Biz-Ed Premier

Biz Ed Premier is a collection of both case studies and e-books relevant to business and accountancy students. Registration is a simple process, and once completed you will be able to search the contents of each text very easily for keywords or phrases.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

The advantage of electronic books over print versions is the fact that you can instantly locate a keyword or phrase within a book. Gale Virtual Reference Library includes the books Corporate Finance Handbook, How to prepare a business plan and Strategic Business Planning.

Students of finance and accountancy doing the Applied Management Project should find some material here on the balanced scorecard as a way of way of measuring company performance.


The Marketline database contains many lengthy company profiles, including SWOT analyses, and details of major competitors. The companies included are commonly studied at undergraduate level ( Easyjet, McDonalds Corporation ). Industry profiles like ‘Accountancy in the United Kingdom’ (2005) will give you an overview of increased regulation following the WorldCom and Enron scandals, and some details of mergers and acquisitions taking place in accountancy at present.