university of bedfordshire internship

university of bedfordshire internship

At the University of Bedfordshire we understand the importance of work experience.

Not only does it build upon vital skills including professionalism and communication skills, it can help to give you a better understanding of the industry you want to go into and help to differentiate you from other graduates once you have completed your degree.

There are a range of internships available through the Students’ Internships Scheme ranging between two and ten weeks.

Flexible work experience

Many of our internships are on a voluntary basis; however some are paid or cover expenses. The internships are flexible to work around your academic commitments.

Prior to your internship, you will also undertake a work-ready programme.

Improve your CV and gain contacts

As well as providing you with an opportunity to see what working in a professional environment is like, our internships can help to improve your CV and help you to build contacts and networks outside of the university.

Where possible, we place students in internships relating to their degrees, giving them the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.