University Of Bedfordshire GP

University Of Bedfordshire GP

The telephone lines are open from eight o’clock in the morning for all appointment requests. All patients requesting an appointment will be asked some questions by the receptionist and will be offered either a telephone call by the doctor or an alternative appointment with our specialist trained Nurse Practitioners.

Our nurses have received extra training in minor illnesses and are able to prescribe medication.

By offering telephone appointments and giving advice we can support patients to be able to speak to or see a doctor on the day that they call.

Many people do not need to come into the surgery at all; repeat prescriptions can be ordered on line and sent to your local pharmacy for collection.

However if after speaking to the doctor, they feel that you need to come into the surgery they will make an appointment for you, this can be the same day or on a day that you both agree to.


If you have an urgent medical problem that you feel needs attention on the same day, please discuss this with the receptionist and you will be offered an appropriate appointment on the same day, this also applies to urgent telephone appointments.

We employ two specialist nurses, who are fully trained and work alongside the GPs.  These nurses are specially trained to manage urgent medical problems.

Please do not abuse the urgent appointment system with non-urgent problems. Due to the demands of an on-call day the GP will consider how to use the time allotted in an emergency appointment and if necessary will defer non-urgent matters to a future routine appointment.

24/7 opening hours at Luton Library and Bedford Library started as a Vice Chancellor led pilot 7.1.13 – 21.7.13
It is now “business as usual”.

24/7 means 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year

24/7  offers 168 hours of study space at Bedford campus library and Luton Library each week

All University of Bedfordshire staff and students are welcome to use Luton Library and Bedford Campus Library. This is particularly beneficial as both will be open over the Bank Holidays

General Advice

You will need your ID card. In the General Student Regulations 2012/13 item 11.7 Students are required to: