University Of Bedfordshire Bus

University Of Bedfordshire Bus

The BUS (Bedfordshire Unit Survey) is a mid-point survey of students’ experiences within a unit of study. It is designed to collect information to identify strengths and areas for action. BUS data is collected via standard forms which are made available in faculty offices. If you need forms please contact

The questions within the BUS are agreed each academic year by TQSC. The purpose of the BUS is to ensure we are capturing data about students’ experiences of units as defined in the BUS policy – PDF 85.9 KB

Why is the BUS important?

The BUS represents an opportunity for students to provide teaching colleagues with feedback about their experiences within a unit so that we can identify and rectify serious issues and continuously improve the learning experience in partnership with our students. (PPT slide for classroom) – PPTX 109.7 KB

When are BUSes made available?

BUSes are sent directly to faculty offices. You should be able to find an envelope and a set of forms ready prepared. In the event that the envelope is not available you can still ask students to complete forms (If you need forms please contact

Please return the surveys to the CLE with the following information written clearly:

  • Full long unit code
  • Unit name
  • Location where the survey was carried out
  • Your name

When should I ask my students to complete a BUS?

BUSes should be completed around the mid-point of a unit. If this is not possible (for example your students may be on placement) they should be conducted as soon as possible thereafter.

How are BUSes processed?

We use a system called EvaSys which provides a way of scanning and analysing completed BUS forms. Much of the system is automated and this means we can quickly scan and return results to colleagues.