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The University of Bath was granted university status in 1966 by Royal Charter, however our roots can be traced back to the Bristol Trade School – a technical school established in 1856.

In 1885 the school was renamed the Merchant Venturers’ Technical College and in 1929 the Bath School of Pharmacy became part of the college.

By 1960 the college had become the Bristol College of Science and Technology and, following the Robbins Report of 1963, which recommended immediate expansion of universities, began to look at gaining university status.

With the college rapidly expanding and no suitable site available in Bristol, a chance conversation between the college principal and the Director of Education in Bath led to an agreement to provide the college with a new home in Claverton Down, Bath.

The first building on campus was completed in 1965 (becoming the building now known as 4 South), just a year before the Royal Charter was granted.