University of Bath Year Abroad

University of Bath Year Abroad

University of Bath

Year abroad

Our BA (Hons) Modern Languages and European Studies and BA (Hons) Language and Politics courses include a full year abroad.

The year abroad takes place during your third year of study, and will greatly enhance your employment prospects.

If you study the BSc (Hons) International Management and Modern Languages you will also have a study year abroad, but with different options.

What can I do on my year abroad?

On the year abroad you can:

  • undertake a study exchange in Europe (Erasmus exchange) or study placement outside Europe
  • work as an English Language Assistant within Europe or beyond
  • take on a work placement

It is possible to ‘mix and match’ both the activities and the countries they take place in, but students studying two languages must devote at least three months abroad to each language during the course of the degree.


Choose your year abroad experience

Study exchange

We have exchange agreements with a wide range of partner universities abroad.

On an Erasmus exchange you can spend either one or two semesters in our partner universities in France, Germany, Italy or Spain. Our diverse range of exchange universities are located in capital cities, medium and small-sized towns, where you can experience studying in a very different university system. You will become fully integrated into your selected university, choose a number of appropriate units and undertake assessment in them.

A separate exchange with Voronezh State University provides study placements for students of Russian. Students of Spanish may also study in Santiago, Chile and Guadalajara, Mexico.

Language Assistantships

Teaching English as a Language Assistant in a school or college is also a popular and rewarding option. Applications are processed by the British Council. Experiences vary – students may find themselves in a large city or in a rural community, teaching English to small groups of children for around 12 hours a week.