University of Bath Year 12 Summer School

University of Bath Year 12 Summer School

University of Bath

Experience our Year 12 Summer Schools

Find out about our courses, use our campus facilities and work with academic staff and students at our free, residential Summer Schools.

Our Summer Schools

Our Summer Schools are free and include your meals, accommodation and travel.

You will develop your critical thinking and independent study skills. We will introduce new subject areas and support your progression to higher education.

You can ask our current students about their university experiences. You can also talk to academics about their subjects and research.

You will also be able to find out what University is really like during the five days you spend living and studying on campus. You’ll meet new people through a diary of academic and social activities.


What you will gain

Insight to university life

You will:

  • live like a university student for a week
  • talk to current students about university
  • get to know other Year 12 students from across the country
  • have your own room in student accommodation

Academic benefits

You will:

  • find out about our courses and how they are taught
  • learn how to carry out university-level research
  • experience a university lecture, delivered by an academic in a lecture theatre
  • use our facilities including, labs, teaching areas, sports training village, library and specialist arts facilities

Support with applying to university and life beyond

You will:

  • get help with choosing and applying to a university
  • get help to prepare your UCAS application
  • get tips for your future career choices

Social Sciences Summer School

Social Science is the study of society and the ways in which people behave and influence the world around us.

You will have the chance to work with our staff and students to understand the world beyond your immediate environment and how our society works. You’ll explore contemporary debates in social sciences by studying one topic in-depth such as:

  • the causes of poverty
  • how lives are becoming reliant on digital technology
  • what makes people happy
  • why we wear what we wear

This year’s topics are yet to be confirmed.