University of Bath Vice Chancellor Salary

University of Bath Vice Chancellor Salary

University of Bath

University of Bath Vice Chancellor Salary

The university’s most senior full-time official, Vice-Chancellor Glynis Breakwell, was paid a base salary of £434,000 in 2015-16 – up from £389,000 the previous financial year – and an extra £17,000 in other allowances.

Meanwhile, staff on grade one of the university’s pay scale earn £14,899 – a pay ratio of 30:1.

“It’s not just the senior management and the Vice-Chancellor who run the university,” Meg said.

“It’s the staff and the students at the heart [of the institution] and they need to be taken care of.”

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She was also supported by a huge majority of students in seeking greater transparency on setting the pay of the university’s Vice-Chancellor, who claimed more than £20,000 in home expenses in a year.

The policy, favoured by 432 of 484 votes cast, expressed ‘no confidence’ in the University of Bath Council remuneration committee to set the pay of the Vice-Chancellor – who is herself one of five members of the panel.

The chair of the council, Thomas Sheppard, which is the university’s governing body and responsible for its finances and investments, said the policy is “something the union is perfectly entitled to do as part of its democratic process”.

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“The pay and conditions of staff are a matter for the executive management of the university, not council, and the pay scales which apply to the majority of staff are determined by national pay bargaining and are not determined locally,” Mr Sheppard said. The university declined to comment.

Mr Sheppard also said there was no conflict of interest in Dame Glynis sitting on the panel.