University of Bath Undergraduate Courses

University of Bath Undergraduate Courses

University of Bath Undergraduate Courses

Accounting and Finance
Addictions Counselling (franchised)
Aerospace Engineering
Biochemical Engineering
Biomedical Sciences
Business Administration
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry for Drug Discovery
Chemistry with Education
Chemistry with Management
Civil Engineering
Civil and Architectural Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Science and Mathematics
Computer Science with Business
Computer Systems Engineering
Economics and Mathematics
Economics and Politics
Education with Psychology
Electrical Power Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electronic Engineering with Space Science and Technology
Electronic Systems Engineering
Integrated Design Engineering
Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
International Development with Economics
International Management
International Management and Modern Languages
Language and Politics
Management with Marketing
Mathematical Sciences
Mathematics and Physics
Mathematics and Statistics
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering with Manufacturing and Management
Mechanical with Automotive Engineering
Modern Languages and European Studies
Natural Sciences
Physical Activity and Health
Physics with Astrophysics
Politics and International Relations
Politics with Economics
Social Policy
Social Sciences
Social Work and Applied Social Studies
Sociology and Social Policy
Sport (Sports Performance)
Sport and Exercise Science
Sport and Social Sciences

When to apply

You should submit your application between mid-September and 15 January 2017. If you apply after 15 January, we can’t guarantee there will still be places on your course.

Find out more about the application deadlines on the UCAS website or check the important deadlines from our application timeline.


Course information

To apply through UCAS, you will need:

  • the UCAS code of your chosen course, which you can find on the course information page in the prospectus
  • the institution code for the University of Bath, which is B16

UCAS application form

You will need to fill out a form on the UCAS website to apply. UCAS provides guidance on filling out the application, which will help you:

  • select your course choices
  • write a personal statement
  • get a reference
  • understand and pay your application fees


Applying as an international student

The application process for international students is the same as it is for everyone else. You still need to apply through UCAS.

Visa requirements

As well as meeting our course entry requirements, you have to provide proof of your level of English. This is because you need to meet the Home Office required standards to get a Tier 4 Visa to enter the country for study.

You can find out about Tier 4 Visas from the UK Government.

Improving your English language skills

If you need to improve your English before coming to University, you may be able to book a pre-sessional English language course. The courses take place during the summer before the first semester.

Find out more about these courses from the Academic Skills Centre.