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University of Bath Student Union Education

Academic Representation is one of the key areas of the Students’ Union which the Advice & Representation Centre works on to support and improve your academic experience and to ensure the student voice is heard both on an individual and collective level.

On an individual level we can help you if you wish to change course, make a complaint about your course, need to submit mitigating circumstances or an academic review (appeal).

We also co-ordinate the Academic Reps system, where students are elected by their peers to represent their views on academic issues. We also undertake research and liaise with the University on the issues you raise to ensure you are getting the best out of your education here at Bath.

University of Bath Student Union Sports

Sport is an important part of student life at the University of Bath, as well as life in general. Most students will become involved with some aspect of student sport during their academic career in some way or another. It is a great means by which to keep active and healthy, to learn key developmental skills through managing a team or a club, and to make friends that could last a life time.

We have 48 sports clubs as well as a strong social sport programme to get involved in, so there really is something for everyone! Explore this website for more information, and get in touch with your Sport Officer if you have any questions.

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