University of Bath Semester 1 Results

University of Bath Semester 1 Results

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Examination procedures

Frequently-asked questions (FAQs) and answers

General information

The rules and procedures for examination candidates are set out in the University Regulations, QA28 and University Rule 2. If you have any queries not covered by this page, please contact the Examinations Office (

Ensuring examinations are fair for everyone

The University recognises and takes seriously the need to make cheating as difficult as possible.  Invigilators carefully monitor all activity during exams, including recording the times at which any student taking a toilet break leaves and re-enters the exam, as well as ensuring that students taking such breaks are accompanied as far as possible.  Additionally examination venues are secured between exams.  Robust procedures are in place to deal with any student who attempts to cheat, and include the provision to require a student to leave the University without a degree.  These are set out in document QA53 Examination and Assessment Offences and in Regulations 7 and 8.

Examination timetables

The dates of the University’s formal assessment periods are found on the academic year charts. You will have access to your personal examination timetable via SAMIS-on-the-web approximately seven weeks before the assessment period begins. Your timetable will contain the date, time, location and seat number for each examination – please check it carefully and regularly in case any changes are made.

Please be sure to check your seat number before you go to each examination and, if you are in the Sports Hall (Founders Hall), please check which quadrant you are in. You will have a different seat number for each exam, and numbers can be checked via SAMIS-on-the-web.

If you are due to sit examinations for some postgraduate programmes, distance-learning programmes, for our partner colleges, or undergraduate class tests, these might fall outside the main assessment periods and your Department will communicate this information directly to you.