University of Bath Past Papers

University of Bath Past Papers

University of Bath

University of Bath Past Papers

Exam papers from the past five years are available for revision purposes. However, where departments have indicated that papers cannot be made available they are marked as “Restricted“.

SOLUTIONS: Numeric solutions to some papers are available for Mathematical Sciences where shown.

Please be aware that older papers might not be relevant to current course content.
Please contact the Library webteam via for problems accessing papers via the weblinks provided.

Please note that the copyright in all the past exam papers made available here belongs to the University of Bath. You must therefore obtain permission before copying, redistributing or publishing all or part of any paper.

Unit code Unit title
BB10003 Biochemistry 1
BB10004 Biochemistry 2
BB10005 Cell biology
BB10006 Cell & molecular biology
BB10007 Genetics
BB10012 Ecology & evolution
BB10089 Biochemistry
BB10120 Biochemistry 1
BB10121 Biochemistry 2
BB10147 Human and Animal Physiology
BB10186 Proteins: Purification & Characterisation
BB10200 Biodiversity 1
BB10201 Biodiversity
BB10205 Ecology & evolution 2
BB10214 Human molecular genetics
BB10215 Biochemistry for biologists
BB20018 Enzymology
BB20020 Physical biochemistry & proteins
BB20023 DNA (making, breaking & disease)
BB20024 The dynamic cell 1
BB20027 Infection and immunity
BB20028 Cellular neurobiology
BB20030 Plant physiology & biochemistry
BB20031 Plant biotechnology
BB20032 Plant symbiosis & pathology
BB20040 Concepts in evolution
BB20110 DNA (making, breaking & disease) [for Natural Scientists]
BB20144 Techniques in cell biology
BB20149 Molecular genetics of vertebrate development
BB20152 Practice of science
BB20153 Practice of science
BB20153A Data interpretation
BB20153B Data interpretation
BB20154 Introduction to functional genomics
BB20160 The dynamic cell 2
BB20173 Behaviour & ecology
BB20202 Microbial Cells and Genomes
BB20203 Microbial interactions
BB20219 Genomics 1
BB20220 Genomics 2
BB20221 Human Physiology in Health and Disease
BB20222 Molecular Medicine
BB20223 Pathology
BB20224 Medical Microbiology
BB30044 Molecular & medical neuroscience
BB30045 Cell membranes
BB30055 Genes & genomes
BB30063 Vaccines and other health interventions
BB30067 Advanced developmental genetics
BB30072 Biology as a world view
BB30129 Sensory and signalling networks in plants
BB30138 Plant-microorganism interactions
BB30156 Conservation biology
BB30161 Systems and developmental neurobiology
BB30162 Protein synthesis, folding and turnover
BB30167 Genomes
BB30169 Concepts in systems biology
BB30208 Evolutionary quantitative genetics
BB40048 Enzymes: mechanisms, evolution and control
BB40078 Entrepreneurial biotechnology
BB40095 Integrated biochemistry
BB40117 Microbial evolution
BB40122 Integrated Molecular & cellular biology
BB40125 Plant reproductive biology
BB40128 The evolution of genetic systems
BB40134 Molecular evolution and phylogenetics
BB40139 Pathogenesis and immune evasion by microbes
BB40140 Plant biotechnology & the environment
BB40188 Protein synthesis, folding and turnover
BB40189 Vaccines and other health interventions
BB40190 Advanced developmental genetics
BB40191 Sensory and signalling networks in plants
BB40192 Evolution in deep time
BB40194 Plant-microorganism interactions
BB40195 Conservation Biology
BB40196 Systems and developmental neurobiology
BB50165 Biology for mathematical biologists
BB50174 Industrial biotechnology & enterprise
BB50204 Clinical and translational medicine
BB50210 Evolutionary quantitative genetics
BB50217 Fundamentals of Biotechnology for non-Biologists

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