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University of Bath Offers

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Receiving and replying to university offers

09 January 2017

When and how your child should expect to receive decisions from universities

Universities work to process applications as quickly as possible, although for competitive courses your child may not receive a decision until after the 15 January UCAS deadline. Universities will make a decision by 5 May at the latest, although most will try to make a decision by 31 March where possible.

When a university has made a decision on your child’s application, the outcome will become visible in UCAS Track. All decisions will be made visible in UCAS Track before the university is able to contact your child, and updates to Track should be considered as the only official source of information regarding decisions.


Why your child may not receive a decision immediately

09 January 2017

Once your child has submitted their university application, they will need to wait patiently to receive a decision from each of their choices.  This can be an anxious time, but there is no need for your child to panic if they do have to wait some time to receive decisions from each of their choices.

Reasons for a delay

If your child has applied for a competitive course then it is likely that the university will receive a high volume of applications for the course.  Processing all these applications takes time, and the university may make offers to applicants in batches in order to invite equal numbers of applicants to each department open day.

It is difficult for universities to anticipate how many applications they will receive for each course, and the number received at the start of the cycle is not always a reliable indication of how many they will receive later on.  Therefore, in order to ensure equal consideration of all applications, universities will sometimes wait until after the 15 January UCAS deadline to make decisions on applications for more competitive courses.

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